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Podcaster, amateur pop culture pundit, TurboGrafx fanboy and lover of fine kusoge.

Pale Luna (Creepypasta Reading)

Growing up, I had no interest in horror in any medium. Not only did I not like scary movies or stories, I even ranked Halloween beneath decidedly non-kid focused holidays like Valentines Day and Thanksgiving. For reasons it’s not worth … Continue reading

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When I was a little girl and I was having trouble sleeping, my mom and dad would take me out for a drive around our small town. When I say “small,” I mean that it was so insignificant then that … Continue reading

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Letting go of logic

2014 was the year that I came to distrust anyone who talks a lot about logic, especially on the internet. From Richard Dawkins’s repeated use of the concept to demand the silence of feminists, to that horde of  endlessly outraged gamers … Continue reading

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The Aesthetics Of Numbers

Late one night in 2008, I discovered the existence of numbers stations, the name for a loose collection of audio oddities that have been fascinating shortwave radio listeners since at least the 1970s. These anonymous broadcasts encapsulate everything from (usually … Continue reading

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The Last Oddity

On February 7, Nintendo will release the 3DS Circle Pad Pro, a peripheral that will add a second analog pad to the handheld. Coming out only through Gamestop, it looks poised to be another entry in Nintendo’s long list of … Continue reading

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The Horror Of Disappearing

This isn’t how you normally expect horror movies to start. In the case of Nobuhiko Obayashi’s 1977 horror film House, though, it does end up making sense. While it’s not inaccurate to describe the movie as a fever dream, the … Continue reading

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Atari Horrors – Sneak n’ Peek

I’m not sure if I’ll actually turn “Atari Horrors” into a recurring topic here, but I like the idea at the moment. At any rate, I’m starting the show with a show stopper, because U.S. Games’ Sneak n’ Peek is … Continue reading

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