Atari Horrors – Sneak n’ Peek

I’m not sure if I’ll actually turn “Atari Horrors” into a recurring topic here, but I like the idea at the moment. At any rate, I’m starting the show with a show stopper, because U.S. Games’ Sneak n’ Peek is the scariest damn video game ever made.

Who knew that a game of hide and seek could be such a traumatic affair? Just throw in some painfully dissonant music, eerily spartan interiors, and label art that looks like a 2600 recreation of the ending of The Blair Witch Project, and you get the first video game that ever scared me.

And just to prove I’m not delusional, take a look at the game’s manual, which plainly states that it takes place “in and around a spooky old house with a large yard and three weird rooms.”


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